The Women's Revolution in the United States underway

by La Marx Women June 25, 2022

The revolution of women and the most oppressed sectors is a permanent struggle against the capitalist system and its retrograde institutions, which seek to abolish our achievements. We are not going to give a single millimeter.
We repudiate the disastrous decision of the conservative Supreme Court of the United States, repealed this last Friday, June 24, the Roe vs Wade ruling, which enshrines the right, a conquest wrested from the women's revolution, since 1973.

Jane Roe is the pseudonym of Norma McCorvey, who was 22 years old, single, unemployed and pregnant for the third time in 1969, when she sought an abortion in Texas. Henry Wade was the District Attorney responsible for enforcing that state's law, which prohibited abortion. McCorvey sues District Attorney Wade. On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court found this law unconstitutional, ruling that the constitutional right to privacy was "broad enough to include a woman's decision whether or not to abort her pregnancy." By the time the highest court had ruled in her favor, McCorvey had given birth to a girl, who she gave up for adoption. As of this decision, states could no longer pass laws that denied women the right to abortion.

Roe vs Wade mobilization in the United States 1973

This Court puts into practice the presentation made by the conservative Judge Samuel Alito, to put an end to a right that benefited for decades the free choice of women to voluntarily interrupt their pregnancy

Through this pathetic court ruling, each state can act to prohibit the voluntary termination of pregnancy. The annulment of the Roe case attempts to limit access to safe and free legal abortion, which was applied immediately in the fringes of the South and West of the United States.

Over the years, the capitalist governments and their institutions have tried, on several occasions, to reverse conquests and have not been able to, this is because the women's revolution has exploded and is deepening in each region, in each state, country and the world. There is no way to go back.

Mobilization against the court ruling in the United States in 2022

Faced with this measure, thousands of women massively gathered in the main squares of New York, Brooklyn and other states. The women's revolution is expanding throughout the world, becoming massive and radicalized, with impressive mobilizations we have taken to the streets, raising slogans and showing, against the capitalist and patriarchal system.

Our main enemy is capitalism and patriarchy, which with abusive and oppressive methods towards women, exploit us, serving the interests of capital. Our strategy is the destruction of the capitalist system and establish Socialism at the World level.

From the New PST/ The Marx we call to organize and mobilize all the women of the world, against the disastrous decision of the bourgeois and conservative Court of the United States, for the demand of safe and free legal abortion, separation of Church and state and abolition of the prostituting system, for the abolition of the patriarchal and capitalist system.